Uniform Inventory


Sorting out the old. Why is there a back scratcher in that pile?  See those light blue hangers?  Those are our color coded hangers.  They are only used for uniforms.

It’s been a while since an update.  I’ve been busy busy busy and not the type of busy that I can record life as I see it, but the type that I have to direct every spare minute on finishing the task with a deadline.  Now though, it’s over.   Napoo Finny!  Submitted! On the truck! Sailed.

To the next task at hand.  School uniforms.  I put all the children on the scales after they came back from Texas.  We are looking at 90lbs, 44lbs, and 40lbs.  I think our Jack gained a pound a week. Must have been all of those flapjacks and syrup great-grandma Mary was sending his way.  Next, I will have to get their height.  I bought uniforms throughout the year, so they will be starting to school with a few pieces that they already have.  Mostly, Violet.  It was mid-school-year when we switched from a size 5 top and bottom to a size 6 top and bottom. I had her try on a few pieces and she can still get some wear until at least Christmas. That doesn’t mean I won’t be adding more.  I like buying Violet’s clothes the most.  Maybe it’s because I had two girls.  I don’t know.  I like the sweaters, the jackets, the peter pan collars, and the little ties.  And she is willing to wear different pieces.

Ashton will wear oxford shirts over the polo type, but some days he gets aggravated with the khaki/light blue or dark blue/light blue combination, or dark blue/dark blue combination.  I’m still not sure what combination he absolutely hates.  I know there is one that makes him whine, but it never seems to be the one I think it is.  I will have to narrow in on it and make him show me.  On the other hand, it could just be how cranky he is feeling any particular morning.  Neither he nor Jack is willing to wear the sweater vests and I think they are so adorable.  And they both like those navy blue hoodie type jackets instead of navy blue cardigans.


They all need at least five full sets of uniforms so I can get them all washed and ironed over the weekend for the following week. Think of the ironing.  2 pieces for each child each day. 6 x 5 = 30 pieces of ironing per week.  Jacques and Ashton will need the most.  Jacques will need more now because he had already outgrown his size 10’s and I got him some 12’s around Easter, but only a few, and we pushed that to the end of the year.  We may have to go up to a size 14.  When I can catch him long enough I will have him try his 12’s on.  It’s been so hot around here that no one wants to do anything.  Our house is too old for central air/heat so there are only a few rooms with window units.

Violet did try a few jumpers on for me today. She is so funny.  Thursday we went to the mall and Aunt Danielle made her wear a size 5/6 shirt that was bought for her in spring 2015.  She kept on and on about how it was a baby shirt and did not fit.  It most certainly did fit.  She couldn’t get pass the number 5 on the shirt.  In the car she was complaining that every time she saw her reflection in the window all she could see was her baby shirt.  There was nothing small about that shirt.  When she first wore it, it was hanging off her shoulders, now it fits perfectly.  She thinks because she is 6 years old that all of her clothes have to say six.  All of uniforms will say six, so that should make her happy.

Ashton can still wear a size six but the pants are so short and there is not much hem to take out.  I think a size 7 would be too big.  We could work with it if I get the pants with an adjustable waist but they would probably still be too big.  I’m going to try to get him 7 slim.  His legs are long.  All three of them like their clothes loosey-goosey.

Last year I went with JC Penney’s, The Children’s Place, and French Toast.  This year I am going with French Toast only.  I like the Izod uniforms that Penney’s has offered, but I don’t like how often they were out of stock of a particular size or item.  I used The Children’s Place when they have a sale, free shipping, and I need an item in a pinch.  The quality isn’t as good as French Toast and Penney’s.  At least not the pants.  I want to be able to see what’s all in my cart and not have to piece their five days’ worth of uniforms together at three different stores.

That’s what has been going on around here.  Uniform inventory.  The school takes any uniforms that we no longer need and are in good condition and give them to children who can use them. So, I am gathering all of that up and will find out what day I can drop the old uniforms off.

I did find Violet a lovely Ralph Lauren sweater.  810834_fpxI feel a little guilty that it’s name brand, but it was on sale at Macy’s and I had an additional mark off coupon.  What attracted me to it was how soft and comfortable the fabric felt.  Violet says she loves it.

Violet and Ashton’s backpacks have been ordered.  It takes a little time to ship because I get their names embroidered on them. 171026_43208_41171026_44179_41Jacques still has one or two L.L. Bean backpacks that he hasn’t used.  I think because there was one year or two that great-grandma Mary and me both ordered him a monogramed backpack.  I like the L.L.Bean backpacks specifically because the monogramming is offered and it is easy to order.  Thanks to grandma Ana, their shoes and undies are sorted (that’s British for taken care of! LOL!).

When they start to school this year, I will put their last year photo and this year photo up together and we can see how much they have grown.

Weekend Fun


Christian, Ryan, Grandpa, Jacques, Ashton and Violet. Ashton and Violet needed their sunglasses. Poor things.


The children had a wonderful time at Wet-and-Wild Splashtown.   The water slide stole the show.  Miss Violet was a bit nervous the first few times she slid down, but after that, she became a professional water-slider.


Nothing is like dipping your body and head into the nice cool water on a super-hot summer day.


Ashton is waiting for Violet to come down the slide.

Miss Violet landing after a spectacular slide.

Miss Violet landing after a spectacular slide.

The whole gang showed up for a fun day. I didn’t get many pictures of our Jack.  I think maybe because he was off being a big boy and trying out the super water stuff.

Great-grandma-Doris with her arm in cast.

Great-grandma-Doris with her arm in cast.

The drama of the day was when a pumpkin head boy slid down the water slide headfirst and collided into our dear Great-grandma Doris.  The pain was so excruciating that she didn’t know whether to throw up or faint.  Thankfully, she was taken to first aid then to emergency care where they x-rayed her arm and found two fractures.  Now, the poor dear has to putter around with one arm.


Afterwards, everyone had to rally at Grand-uncle Darryl’s house and console themselves with pizza and playing with the dog, Chanel. Then they finished off the weekend Sunday morning with an IHOP breakfast.  I should have warned them about the number of Chocolate chip pancakes our Jack eats, and how Ashton will covet anyone and everyone’s bacon and sausage.





Ashton playing with Chanel.

Ashton playing with Chanel.

Uncle Darryl and the children.

Grand-uncle Darryl and the children.

It’s Not Summer Without Adventures

Ryan, Jack, Christian, Ashton and Violet, having fun at Burger King.

Ryan, Jack, Christian, Ashton and Violet, having fun at Burger King.

The grandchildren are spending a long weekend with their maternal-paternal-grandpa, Gilbert and maternal-paternal-great-grandmother, Doris.  Along for the ride are Grand-uncle Anthony and of course Grand-aunt Sharon.  Also included in the party is Grand-Uncle Eric’s children, Christian and Ryan.  Although Christian and Ryan are very close in age to Jacques, Violet and Ashton they are from the generation that makes them first cousins with Heather, –Jacques, Violet and Ashton’s mother (my lovely first daughter, R.I.P).

Miss Violet playing a video game.

Miss Violet playing a video game at Great-grandma Doris’ house.

All that to say the grandchildren are visiting Heather’s father side of the family.  I forget that not everyone processes information in trees, Venn diagrams, and organizational charts the way I do.  When I was growing up I would ask someone who stated that someone else was their cousin how exactly they were their cousins and most of the time I would get, “I don’t know” or a blank stare followed by the dismissal- rebuttal, “You are crazy and not worthy of talking to any further.” I would then lick my wound with the salve, “At least I know how I am related to somebody!”

Violet, Ryan, Jack, Christian, Grandpa Gilbert, and Ashton.

Violet, Ryan, Jack, Christian, Grandpa Gilbert, and Ashton.

Ashton and Grandpa Gilbert with Ryan and Jack.

Ashton and Grandpa Gilbert with Ryan and Jack.

I love teasing great-grandma Doris because when all things are quiet she is ready to tell you how to handle your children.  Yet, HA HA HA HA HA, Friday morning those kids had her cooking three, maybe four different breakfasts. LMAO! HA HA HA HA!  Obviously, they are on vacation.  Requesting chocolate chip pancakes, and bacon and sausage, and fried or scrambled eggs, and grits!  Grits!  We haven’t had grits since Violet and Ashton’s birthday.  They better get in there, pour some cereal in a bowl, and hope the milk hasn’t expired. Just kidding.  They go through the milk too quick for it to expire.

Ashton, Jacques, Grand-uncle Anthony, and Christian.

Ashton, Jacques, Grand-uncle Anthony, and Christian.

Next up, Splashway Waterpark.  Stay tuned.

Miss Violet's big butt in a toy shopping basket looking like the cat who swallowed the canary.

Miss Violet’s big butt in a toy shopping basket looking like the cat who swallowed the canary.

There's Great-grandma Doris watching Ashton and Ryan battle it out with Jack and Christian in the background and Violet in her lap.

There’s Great-grandma Doris watching Ashton and Ryan battle it out with Jack and Christian in the background and Violet in her lap.

Ashton and Ryan still focused on that game. Jack and Violet (what does that girl have in her mouth?)

Ashton and Ryan still focused on that game. Jack and Violet (what does that girl have in her mouth?)

On the road.

On the road.

Not Quite Ready for Back to School Yet!


I just ordered the above flag and I feel so clever.  It’s a 28 x 40 house flag by Toland Home Garden. Danielle hates it and says our house will be lame with that banner hanging up.  Teenagers tend to think that everything is lame. But you know what?  I don’t care because I love it.  I have never seen a “Back to School Flag” before but the concept came to me when I was thinking about our house flags.  Right now we have the “patriotic-ish” flag up that basically put in work from before Memorial Day until now.  When I was thinking about what the next flag should be I naturally thought of autumn.  But, I don’t want to rush the summer.  I don’t like rushing the seasons because rushing the seasons means time is passing.  I don’t want time to pass.  I want my daughter and grandchildren forever.  FOREVER!  I don’t want to grow old and die.  So, if you try to rush autumn, and then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I may have to slap your neck with a fly-whisk. Just saying. The best thing about living here in New England is the clear-cut display of seasons.  Nothing can be better.  I LOVE IT!

One year when I was younger and living in Texas, it was 75 degrees Fahrenheit on Christmas Day (1987).  I wanted to hurt somebody.  Tear something up.  It was the epitome of not the way it should be.  Or I should say, not the way I wanted it to be.  Christmas Day should not be HOT!  We didn’t get snow this past Christmas, but at least it wasn’t hot.  Anyway, my point is I like my seasons.  I have a sensitivity to and appreciation for nature.  There is no pattern more natural than seasons.

The reason I feel clever thinking of this flag is because I thought of it!  LOL!  Of course once I googled I found out that many others have thought about it already.  What flag is the perfect flag between a patriotic 4th of July flag and an Autumn Flag?  It’s a back to school flag!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in a hurry for school to start, but I will be ready with our new flag.  And I have been looking at uniforms.  I will have to see how much the kids have grown when they get back to determine what size I should order.

How many days before school start do you think I should hang the flag?

The Joys of Summer


Ashton and Violet visited the Wharton County Courthouse Square on the 4th of July. The courthouse is a beautiful building.

An interesting little bit about the Wharton County Courthouse.  During the Depression and its aftermath, the county decided they needed a bigger space so the courthouse was expanded, probably to deal with all the “criminals” who were guilty of being poor.  Therefore, the bell tower was removed and the building was fitted with ugly square rooms and stucco siding.  It was not until after the New Millennium that the courthouse was returned to its original state, thanks to research, a grant, and some hard work.

How the courthouse looked in the 1950s.

How the courthouse looked in the 1950s.

In the courthouse photo of Ashton, he had an attitude because he wanted to hurry up and go somewhere the action was happening.  The little imp had his abuela panicking and looking all over the place for his eyeglasses. He couldn’t remember when he last saw them and didn’t offer much help when questioned.


So abuela Ana had to retrace their steps all the way back to Walmart where she looked in every shopping basket, every aisle they visited, and the lost and found with no success.  She looked all over Uncle Gordo’s house in every nook and cranny with no luck.  Because we all know that since Ashton was a baby he stuffs VCRs and other things with his little toys, his mother’s rings and everything else, we have to consider every potential spot.


As the sweat beads covered her forehead and resignation set  in, abeula decided to look one last time in the car.   Tucked deep in a crevice was Ashton’s glasses.  Were they put there and forgotten by accident or on purpose?  The world will never know.


Look at Violet and Ashton driving the golf cart in the below photos!






The squirrel in her natural habitat.

Ashton at the pool party.

Ashton at the pool party.

Violet loving Oliver the dog.

Violet loving Oliver the dog.


Celebrating the 4th of July in Texas

Jacques with his mother's first cousin, Lil' Tommy.

Jacques with his mother’s first cousin, Lil’ Tommy.

Unlike last year, we do not have the Gremlins with us to celebrate the 4th of July.  We did have our own little fun without fireworks.  Danielle made a flag cake with blueberries as stars and strawberries as the stripes. She made the white cake from scratch.  At the 11th hour she asked me if I would make some potato salad.  We have enough food for the next few days.

The yearly fireworks display at the harbor did not happen; supposedly, no one donated any money.  Of course, I would not be doing my civic duty if I did not rant on various forums about the exorbitant salaries top city officials are making, yet we cannot get a few fireworks.

Nevertheless, Jacques was able to do a few fireworks since Great-Grandma Mary lives in the middle of nowhere and they have had plenty of rain this year. I hope the dogs found a nice place to go hide, unless they are not bothered.  When we had our dog a while back, that poor thing went crazy during the fireworks.  Probably because the neighborhood went overboard with fireworks.

Everyone in Texas has been very nice about sending me pictures, but for some reason they all come out small unless they are sent one by one via the phone. Well, that was the case before. Now they are coming out small even if they are sent one by one. I don’t know how to correct it.

Jacques with the sparkler.

Jacques with the sparkler, –at night.

Jacques read to celebrate.

Jacques ready to celebrate.

Jacques and Lil' Tommy's children. Ready to set off some fireworks.

Jacques and Lil’ Tommy’s children. Ready to set off some fireworks.  Tommy looks like he just came out of a swamp. LOL!.

I’m waiting to hear what Ashton and Violet and Abuela Ana did on the 4th of July.